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2020 AMIS Award Winners

The Curt Sachs Award

Darcy Kuronen

AMIS is pleased to announce that Darcy Kuronen is the recipient of the Curt Sachs Award for 2023.

The Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize

Matt Brennan

The Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize is awarded annually for the best book-length publication in English that furthers the goals of the Society. The 2022 Bessaraboff Prize is awarded to Matt Brennan for Kick It: A Social History of the Drum Kit (Oxford University Press, 2020).

The Frances Densmore Prize

Amine Beyhom

The 2022 Densmore Prize is awarded to Amine Beyhom for his article “Was the Early Arabian ‘Ūd 'Fretted'?" published in Near-Eastern Musicology Online 5, no. 9 (November 2020).

The Frederick R. Selch Award

Dominik Ukolov, Francis Lapointe

This year's winners of the Selch Prize are Dominik Ukolov and Francis Lapointe. The research projects of the two scholars represent very different and very valuable approaches to organology: one a historical deep dive through the archives and one an experimental approach to digitization both of which further the goals of AMIS

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